Describe Your Favourite Clothes

Describe your favourite clothes.

  • What is it like?
  • Who gave it to you or where did you buy it?
  • How often do you wear it?
  • Explain how you feel about it or why you enjoy wearing it?

Sample Answer of Describe Your Favourite Clothes

What is it like?

Well, I love to wear Jeans, long sleeve shirts and Polo T-Shirts and I like to wear them when we go outside for movies, gatherings and shopping. I have so many clothes in my cupboard, and almost now clothes are coming out of it, but my favourite one is blue denim jeans and a black branded US POLO shirt. On Saturday we can wear a T-shirt and jeans at my Company, so it is a very colour fool to see everyone instead of company uniform moreover Jeans and T-Shirts you may use rough and tough, and it is long-lasting and economic.

Who gave it to you or where did you buy it?

Last weekend when I visited the nearest shop in my home town with my wife I showed one black colour jeans and formal pink shirt which I went over to moon to get it, so my wifey purchased for me as a gift as my 28th Birthday just coming so he wanted to gift me which I like at first sight which was a very lovable moment for me.

How often do you wear it?

Well, I already mentioned that during Saturday at my organization and some special occasion like a birthday party or going outside with my family members I usually wear jeans and shirts and the special gift which my better half gave it to me I attire on last month at my mom’s birthday party.

Explain how you feel about it or why you enjoy wearing it?

I am delighted when I am wearing the black jeans and pink shirt as it was gifted by my wife, so it is great attachment & special moments as it was avail during my Birthday.

Follow Ups of Describe Your Favourite Clothes

Question 1:- What is the difference between the dressing style of young people and that of old people?

Answer:- The wearing style has been changed as per age group as young persons like to wear Jeans and T-shirt while older people loved to wear Kurtas or formal shirt paint as it is very comfortable for them due to their age and full-colour outfits only suit to young ones.

Question 2:- What kinds of clothes do people wear after work?

Answer:- Well after wearing of company uniform whole day it is very uncomfortable when we back to home, so persons are generally wearing track pant and T-shirt or shorts, so it gives more relaxation.

Question 3:- What kind of clothes should people wear at work?

Answer:- The different people wearing a different type of uniforms at Company suppose in my Company there are common apron & pant style uniforms, but colour code differs for each person as per their working nature suppose we are in service Department, so we have blue outfits where safety department need to wear red colour while other departments such as store, Production & Testing team need to wear yellow and at last maintenance department fitted with brown colour due to wielding and maintenance work so subsequently you may identify a person from its type of colour which they have wear.

Question 4:- Does personality affect how people choose what to wear?

Answer:- At times, we wear clothes it shows our personality or status. It is also show or character and type of working style, for example, Gandhiji liked to wear dhoti only which represented his simple living style at the other hand Nehru wear Koti, Kurta and pyjama as his background was businessmen so yes I strongly believed type of wearing the cloths describe the personality of persons.

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