Describe a Time when You Told Your Friend an Important Truth

Describe a time when you told your friend an important truth; You should say

  • Who your friend is?
  • What was the truth?
  • What your friend’s reaction was?
  • Explain why it was important for you to tell the truth to your friend.

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You Told Your Friend an Important Truth

Well, I don’t keep any secrets from my friends, but I once kept one thing secret. That I revealed it just one week ago. I got a job in off-campus placements. I didn’t tell him because due to pandemics, many companies are not giving any call letters to candidates. I thought I would also get that letter. But recently, one month ago, I got a mail from the organization; they mailed me that they are issuing the call letter in a few weeks and I have to sign a bond with them. I felt anxious when I received the mail, later after a few days I got a call from the hr that I have to report them at the end of the month, then I have revealed my friend pavan about this truth, he felt happy after listening. I thought it was a miracle for a person like me. We celebrated that night with a biryani.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time when You Told Your Friend an Important Truth

Question 1:- Do you think we should tell the truth at all times?

Answer:- Well, I think that sometimes we have to hide the truth. It depends upon the circumstances.

Question 2:- How do you know when others are telling the truth?

Answer:- Their eyes tell the truth if they are lying, but some people can act that they can cover the truth.

Question 3:- Do you think it is important to win the game or follow the rules?

Answer:- Well, both are important in my opinion. Well, if it Is a serious game, I feel that we must win the game but without involving in any type of misdeeds.

Question 4:- Sometimes, people should tell lies. Do you agree?

Answer:- Yes, I partially agree. But if it important thing, they should tell the truth; small things can lie. But it is okay for only sometimes.

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