Describe a Place You Visited on Vacation

Describe a place you visited on vacation; You should say

  • Where this place was,
  • What you did there,
  • Who you went therewith,
  • Why do you like this place

Sample Answer of Describe a Place You Visited on Vacation

Well, I visited many places to spend some quality time with my family, but the last time when I visited Amritsar was a fascinating experience for me. I went there to see worth-seeing places of it as well as to pay obeisance to be almighty because this is a place where I get peace of mind, a sense of satisfaction.

I was really amazed that how I spent my seven days stay in Amritsar. I was over the moon to visit the art gallery of this place. It was a really alluring and pathetic situation to confront oneself about Jallianwala Bagh, where that heart-rending incident happened.

So I made myself aware of those incidents, which might have been missed in a book when I studied in a school. I was very happy to visit over there. Moreover, when I visited the local market, I purchased ethnic wear, which I must say, I can’t get anywhere in the whole world because the fabric of that place is well known among people.

So people usually go there for seeing the worth seeing places as well as buy traditional or cultural things. If I talk about the street food, then I really enjoyed it during my whole stay. The street food of well-known items was mouth-watering and surprised to say it was mind-blowing. I really enjoyed it, and it has become a part of my life to visit that place once or twice a year.

Follow ups Describe a Place You Visited on Vacation

Question 1:- What are some popular attractions that people like to visit in your country?

Answer – Well, there are many worth seeing places that people all over the world like to see, such as Taj Mahal in Agra, Pink City Jaipur, Red Fort Delhi as well as Virasat e Khalsa in Anandpur Sahib. These places really act as infotainment, and people feel cheerful to visit these places.

Question 2:- Do old people and young people like to go to different places for vacation?

Answer – Yes, both have different choices to visit the places like oldsters like to visit religious places whereas youngsters like to visit the places where they can do adventurous activities and more fun. It might be due to their age that makes this difference.

Question 3:- What do old people and young people think about when making travel plans?

Answer – Both pay attention to their budget because the budget is very important for them to make any travel plan. Afterwards, they think about what activities they will do whenever they visit their favourite place, and also they think about their clothes and footwear and what kind of things they need to carry with them.

Question 4:- How do people get to know about new places?

Answer – Well, people search a lot on the internet, then they get information about places that they can visit. Moreover, they get the experiences of others, especially the real ones, who have visited those places. So in this way, they get indirect information, and they make their travel accordingly.

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