Describe a Good Law in Your Country (2) (1)

Describe a Good Law in Your Country

Describe a Good Law in Your Country

You should say-

  • What is the law
  • How you came to know about this law
  • Whom does it affect
  • Why is it good

Sample Answer of Describe a Good Law in Your Country

Laws are usually a set of rules and instructions that the government implements for the smoother running of society. Like I came to know about this law when I was at the age of twenty years or during my under graduation program, it was my birthday, and I have decided to throw a party for my friends then I visited a bar to get some alcohol. But the owner out there didn’t allow me to step in, and he loads as he told me that we wouldn’t be selling alcohol to the youth under 21 years it there was really that really impressed me because there are few more wines available. When I go there, they won’t be asking about my age, and they will directly give us like whoever goes there they will be directly selling their beverages which is really not good though the laws are implemented most of them doesn’t follow it very well. It has a huge effect on the youth, especially of age under twenty one because nowadays it has become more fancy knowing that it really damages her else. Still, because of the fancy and fantasy they have, they tend to consume alcohol. Still, because of the implementation of this law, they couldn’t get it anywhere because whenever they go to a bar or wines, they will be asking for ID proof to verify the age this is how it affects there it is delicious to have such kind of laws in our country because if we check the status ticks of alcohol consumption it clearly shows that the most of the people consume is literally the youth around the age of age group of 18 223 most of statistics which I have seen earlier the age the people who fall under this age usually consume a lot of alcohol.

Follow-ups Describe a Good Law in Your Country

Question 1 Do You Believe this Law is Favorable to the Nation?

Answer – Yes absolutely the law is really favourable to the nation the main object if of implementing such rules which have spoken earlier is to see that no minor should consume alcohol at the first time and on the other hand know like they shouldn’t be like they should not be given alcohol when they go to wines of bars

Question 2 Is There any Circumstance Where People May Violate the Law?

Answer: Although these laws are strictly implemented in our country, I could see many circumstances where people are still violating few laws. For example, when we consider the law, which is speaking earlier, you could still see minors going to the bars and wines and purchasing Alcon and the owner still willing to give them.

There are few circumstances where people tend to violate the last rules and regulations implemented by the government to be, frankly speaking. They are intentional because whenever heavy construction is going on on the road, let’s say on one side of the road. People tend to use the other lane like which is used for vehicles coming in the opposite direction like even the traffic police considered it for the time being and will be maintaining the traffic to see that there is no road blockage happening so that there are there is a highway traffic jam that might take place.

Question 3 Do People Like Civil Servant Officers in Your Country? What Qualities should a Civil Servant Have?

Answer –I really do like civil servant officers in my country, to be frank enough I was even I’m even interested in being a part of it I thought of preparing for these mains and prelims but during my graduation even add a fantasy to work as it employee that is what made me here when spoken about the qualities a civil servant should have his first it should have complete knowledge and on the laws and on the laws which the government implements you should know each and every of it more specifically the rules and regulations what needs to be done what not what shouldn’t be done and he needs to be opinion to serve his own country for the uplifting of his own country

Question 5 Should there be Strict Actions Against People Who Talk on the Phone While Driving?

Answer – in my country I can say that talking on the phone while driving is really the biggest offence and the person who is taking part in it will be penalised with a lot more challenges. I could even like few more laws should be implemented over this because there I’ve seen many cases that even after knowing there are such traffic rules to be followed many of them still violated which is really bad the main reason for implementing such kind of law is just for our own safety to protect ourselves from accidents.

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