Your Workplace Does Not Have a Parking Area for Cars and It is Causing Some Problems

Your workplace does not have a parking area for cars and it is causing some problems. Write a letter to your manager; In your letter, you should:

  • Describe the problems
  • Explain why should solve the problems
  • nd give your suggestions on how to solve the problems

Dear Mr Sunder,

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention an issue that has been causing problems for the employees at our workplace. As you are aware, our office does not have a parking area for cars, which has resulted in several issues for the employees.

Firstly, due to the lack of parking facilities, employees are forced to park their cars on the streets or in nearby parking lots, which are often far away from the office. This results in a long and tiring walk to the office, especially during adverse weather conditions. Secondly, the lack of parking has caused a lot of inconvenience for employees who need to carry heavy equipment or supplies to the office, making it difficult for them to transport these items to the workplace. Finally, many employees are arriving late to work due to the time it takes them to find a parking spot.

I believe that it is important for our workplace to address this issue and provide parking facilities for the employees. The lack of parking not only affects the convenience of the employees but also impacts their productivity and job satisfaction. Providing parking facilities can help to increase employee morale and reduce absenteeism.

As a possible solution to this problem, I suggest that our workplace considers leasing a nearby parking area and making it available for employees to use. This would be a cost-effective solution that would benefit both the employees and the company. Alternatively, the company could work with the local government to secure additional street parking spaces or construct a parking lot.

I hope that you will take this issue seriously and take the necessary steps to address it. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Sample 2 Your Workplace Does Not Have a Parking Area for Cars and It is Causing Some Problems


Dear Mr Arjun,

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention the significant problem that has been affecting the daily operations of our company. As you know, we currently do not have a parking area for cars, and it has been causing several issues for our employees.

The main problem we are facing is that employees are struggling to find parking spots near our workplace. This has resulted in them being late for work, and some even have to park their cars at an unsafe distance from the office. This issue is causing a lot of stress for employees, and it is starting to impact their work performance.

It is crucial that we address this problem as soon as possible, as it is affecting the productivity and morale of our employees. Providing adequate parking facilities will allow our employees to arrive at work on time and in a more relaxed state, which will improve their work performance.

I suggest that we consider building a parking area within the premises of our company. This would help us to ensure that our employees have a safe and secure place to park their cars. Additionally, we could look into renting a nearby parking lot or partnering with a local parking company to provide our employees with discounted parking rates.

Another solution could be to encourage our employees to carpool or use alternative modes of transportation such as public transportation, biking or walking. This could be incentivized by offering rewards or discounts to employees who choose to take alternative modes of transportation.

In conclusion, I strongly urge our company to take action and address this problem immediately. It is essential that we prioritize the well-being and safety of our employees and provide them with the necessary facilities to perform their duties effectively.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



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