You Are Very Disturbed by the Noise Coming From a Restaurant Opened

You Are Very Disturbed by the Noise Coming From a Restaurant Opened

You are very disturbed by the noise coming from a restaurant opened nearby recently. Write a letter to the restaurant manager and say
– What problem do you experience?
– What should the management do about it?
– Describe what you will do if the problem is not resolved.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to appraise you with some troubles we face daily in the evening. It’s been a while that you have an inaugural new restaurant in this area, my offspring have early school, and they find it difficult to sleep; however, the noise of parked cars and MP3 speakers are played by your music group is pretty loud.

I would like you to play music with lower volume and provide strict instructions to buy passers or young people to not gather around the corner of the hotel so incessant sound can be reduced as I live with my family members, so my parents are aged. They are disturbed by that tedious noise as well.

I have already asked you to make certain changes in your work routine or lower the noise; this could be the last warning from our side. If this circumstance does not improve, you must be ready for the consequence as I don’t want to tarnish your image.

Hoping for a noise reduction!

Yours Faithfully,

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