Ultimate Guide to IELTS Cue Cards: September to December 2023 Edition

Ultimate Guide to IELTS Cue Cards: September to December 2023 Edition

Ultimate Guide to IELTS Cue Cards: September to December 2023 Edition: Cue cards are an integral part of the IELTS Speaking exam, often leading candidates to feel anxious or unprepared. In this guide, we present a comprehensive breakdown of the IELTS cue cards for the September to December 2023 period.

What Are IELTS Cue Cards?

IELTS Cue cards, formally known as “Task Card”, form part of the IELTS Speaking test, specifically in Part 2. Candidates receive a card with a topic and a set of cue cards guiding them on what they should talk about. A 1-minute preparation time is provided, followed by a 1-2 minute speaking time.

Noteworthy Cue Card Topics from September to December 2023

1 Talk about a famous chef or cookbook author whom you admire 
2 Describe an adventure you would like to go on
3 Describe a time when you Received Money as a Gift
4 Describe a new store/shop in your town/city
5 Describe a time when the internet did not solve your problem 
6 Describe a book that you have read many times
7 Describe a Time When You Saw a Lot of Plastic Waste
8 Describe a crowded place you have visited
9 Describe a memorable moment that happened while using your mobile phone 
10 Describe a photo that you are proud of
11 Describe a place where there was a lot of noise
12 Describe a road trip you would like to take in the future
13 Talk about a book or movie that changed your perspective on life
14 Describe an actor or actress whom you admire
15 Describe a time when you got nervous while speaking in public
16 Describe a time when you talked to a foreign tourist who was visiting your country
17 Describe a Time When Your Entire Family Was Together
18 Describe a Problem You had while Shopping Online or in a Store
19 Describe a place you visited where the air was polluted
20 Describe when someone gave you something you really wanted /a gift you received
21 Describe something you taught to your friend/relative
22 Discuss a gift that surprised you
23 Describe a piece of clothing you wear most often
24 Describe an important decision you made
25 Describe a (long) car journey you went on
26 Describe a Popular Person
27 Describe a water sport you would like to try in the future
28 Describe a place/country in which you would like to live/work for a short period of time
29 Describe a development in your country like a shopping centre, park etc
30 Describe a situation when you enjoyed free time
31 Describe a Time When You Needed to Search for Information
32 Describe a Difficult Thing You Did and Succeeded
33 Describe an occasion when you got incorrect information
34 Describe a website that helped you to do something/ website you visit often/use regularly
35 Describe someone you know who often helps others
36 Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting
37 Describe your idea of a perfect home or dream house where you want to live
38 Talk about a time you complained about something but finally got a good result
39 Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something
40 Describe a valuable item that you would like to give as a gift
41 Describe a daily routine that you enjoy
42 Describe a speech you gave
43 Describe the game you enjoyed playing when you were younger
44 Describe a sports program you like to watch
45 Describe an unusual meal that you had
46 Describe your experience when you changed your school/college
47 Describe an Important Thing you Learned, not at School or College
48 Talk about a TV Show you Like to Watch
49 Describe a time you went out with one or two friends and did an activity together
50 Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed
51 Describe a character from a movie
52 Describe a person you met at a party and enjoyed a conversation with
53 Describe a situation when you laughed at the wrong moment
54 Describe a course that you want to learn/study you would like to do in future
55 Talk about an online course you joined and liked
56 Describe a shop near where you live that you sometimes use
57 Describe a piece of technology that you find difficult to use
58 Describe a book you read to reduce your stress
59 Describe a job that you think is interesting
60 Describe a movie that you recently saw, and that disappointed you
61 Describe a piece of good news you heard from others
62 Talk about something special that you would like to buy in the future
63 Talk about an interesting old person you met recently
64 Describe the place of great scenic beauty that you recently visited
65 Describe a place in your city you would recommend to tourists
66 Describe an occasion when you spent time with a young child
67 A happy memory from your childhood
68 Describe a time when you were late
69 Describe a festival that is important in your country
70 Describe a place away from your home and you want to visit in the future
71 Describe an achievement/success you are proud of
72 Describe a time when you lost your way
73 Describe a person you would like to study or work with
74 Describe an advertisement that you don’t like
75 Describe a historical period you would like to know more about
76 Describe a time when you had to lend something to a person you know
77 Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed
78 Describe Something that Surprised you and Made you Happy
79 Describe a time when you used your cell phone/Smartphone to do something important
80 Describe a moment when you stepped out of your comfort zone
81 Describe an occasion when you spent time by yourself
82 Describe an Object you Find Particularly Beautiful
83 Describe something that you did with someone/a group of people
84 Describe an invention
85 Describe a Person You Know Who is From a Different Culture
86 Describe someone you know who has recently moved to a new place

Preparing for Cue Card Topics: Strategies and Tips

Understand the Core Requirement

Each cue card has a central theme or subject. Begin by identifying this core and structuring your response around it.

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Practice Active Recall

Don’t just read sample answers. Instead, practice actively recalling and articulating your response. This helps in better retention and spontaneous delivery during the exam.

Use Rich Vocabulary

A vast vocabulary can distinguish your response. Integrate varied, topic-specific words to enhance the quality of your answer.

Maintain a Structured Flow

Ensure a clear beginning, middle, and end to your response. A structured answer is easier to follow and leaves a lasting impression.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Being Over-Descriptive: Avoid dragging a single point. Be concise.
  2. Using Repetitive Vocabulary: Refrain from using the same words or phrases repeatedly.
  3. Straying off the Topic: Stick to the cues provided on the card.
  4. Speaking Too Fast: Maintain a steady pace. Speaking too quickly can lead to errors and miscommunication.

Conclusion: September to December 2023

The IELTS Speaking test, with its cue cards, can be challenging. However, with the right preparation and approach, it becomes manageable. Dive deep into each topic, practice diligently, and remember to maintain a structured flow in your answers. With these strategies in hand, you’re well on your way to ace the exam.