Talk About Your Favourite Day of the Week

Talk About Your Favourite Day of the Week

Sample Answer of Talk About Your Favourite Day of the Week

Well, I have two favourite days, but I love Saturday the most. There is a multitude of reasons why Saturday is incredibly appealing to me. Firstly I keep my head cool because the next day is Sunday which is my second favourite day. As I am a cinema lover, I usually go to the movies on this day. I am keen to hang up with my aliases on Saturday, and this is a way to freshen up our minds.

I feel this day is totally different from other days because I cook my favourite dishes with my mother and enjoy them. I can do my favourite things on this day, eat my favourite foods and go out with my friends and enjoy. This really makes me happy and refreshed. That’s why I like Saturday the most.

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Question 1 Which day of the week do you like most?

Answer – I love Saturday the most because it makes me feel refreshed and happy.

Question 2 How can You enjoy Sunday at home?

Answer – Well, on Sunday we have a fixed schedule at our home. In the morning, we go to the temple, and after that, we have our meals. Then my brother and I play badminton. We also play chess after that, which we really enjoy a lot.

Question 3 What do families do on Sunday?

Answer – Actually it totally depends on the family what they like to do on Sundays. Enjoy Sunday by going out with their children while others love to rest at home because of the hectic schedule of the whole week.

Question 4 How do You enjoy the fun and enjoy life?

Answer – Well, In my perspective, we get only one life, so enjoy it live it according to your own norms. I enjoy my life a lot. I find fun in every moment.

Question 5 What do you think about the names of the days important in everyone’s life?

Answer – Yes, of course, the name of days plays a significant role in everyone’s life. Every person sets goals, plans according to the day. Some have to remember birthdays while others have important occasions so without names of the days how could they know about occasions, birthdays, meetings to attend, travellings and many more things to do.

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