Talk about something that you have shared with others.

Talk about something that you have shared with others.

Sample 1 ( Share Laptop with a Friend )

Well, sharing is a good habit. My parents taught me that it increases love between persons. Many times I share my things with my friends or with my siblings such as pens, books, food, and so on.

Here I would like to talk about a thing which I have shared with one of my friends. Actually, I shared my laptop with my friend’s Lovepreet. I describe it briefly.

Share Laptop with a FriendAbout a year ago, I and Lovepreet, we were both studying in 12th standard. During that time, my class teacher gave us a presentation and he suggested to us that you should prepare it with the help of a computer. I had my laptop. But unfortunately, Lovepreet did not have his laptop or any personal computer. He was so worried because he was unable to prepare it.

e felt very sad and told me about his situation. I decided to help him. We had to prepare this presentation within 5 days. I prepared my presentation quickly with the help of my laptop in 2 days. After it, I gave my laptop to Lovepreet in order to help him in his presentation.
So, He also prepared the given presentation.

On the day of the class presentation, we both presented our presentation in front of the whole class one by one. Lovepreet’s presentation was fabulous. He made it in a unique way. We both got compliments from our teacher. He got an A+ grade in it.

After it, Lovepreet thanked me for sharing a laptop with him. I also appreciated him for a beautiful project. All in all, that was the time when I have shared my laptop with my friend Lovepreet. It also helped me to make a strong relationship with Lovepreet.

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{6} Do young ones like to share their personal things in your area??

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