Movies & Music IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Movies & Music IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Movies & Music IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1:- How often do you go to the cinema?

Answer:- I rarely do visit the cinema due to the fact that most movies aren’t patronized as it’s used to be, where tickets will be sold, ads being covered for viewers to get a glimpse of what to be shown and movie lovers getting the urge to have their tickets. It isn’t so for me as with a look on my phone is a new movie to be seen just subscribing to Netflix.

Question 2:- Are cinema tickets expensive in your country?

Answer:- Not really, but I believe its price comes with the factor of the production team. And seeing with the current move in the movie industry, the price for tickets is mostly moderated to get more people to fill the cinema hall.

Question 3:- What are the advantages of seeing a film at the cinema?

Answer:- I haven’t really tried that before as I am a 21st-century seer and most of my movies is watched in the house, but I do know for a fact that seeing a movie at the cinema brings about a sense of belonging among the people in the cinema especially when watching a traditional film about the history of the country and its liberation from their colonial masters.

Question 4:- Do you usually watch films alone or with others?

Answer:- I do both, and it’s all depends on the time of the day and the people around. I quite remember during my high school, a movie was shown to all the student body, and it was amazing as everyone was glued to their seat without blinking their eye. But currently, I usually watch a movie with my family mostly and at times alone when no one is around.

Question 5:- Which actor would you like to play you in a film?

Answer:- I would love to have Chris Evans do that, he is a great actor, and I love his personality, he isn’t the static type, but he fit in any role given to him. He has starred in several movies and received quite a few accolades—a star in the Hollywood hall of fame and a great artist. One in a million, though.

Question 6:- How do you listen to music?

Answer:- I normally do that with my phone and, at times, a radio. I am a music lover, and before sleeping, I rock one.

Question 7:- When do you listen to music?

Answer:- Almost every time of the day when not too busy in a schedule that involves strict attention to work. Aside from that, I do love it all day from rock to country and at times prefers it in another different dialect to know how its rhythm is. Especially in Latino, Hindi, Espanol and french. I do love Korean, Japanese and Chinese, too, especially in their melodrama movies.

Question 8:- What’s your favourite kind of music?

Answer:- All are my favourite when their lyrics make sense, and the cover art is of unique content. Most of the time, underground artist music sounds good too. Foreign melody is the best, though. All been my best has a bit sampling of r&b, hip-hop, country, pop, highlife, dancehall, reggae and afrobeat.

Question 9:- Is music an important subject at school in your country?

Answer:- It isn’t as with the curriculum in current use do not include the teaching of music. Even though it’s equally important in the development of a child’s mental capacity, but hasn’t come into people’s thought, and I think it’s a good question as it’s come of thought now. All along, music has been a one-man business where you have to get discovered by your talent but not something to be taught in school. I think I have to be an agent of change in this area to create awareness of adding music to the subject to be taught in school.

Question 10:- What kinds of music are (most) popular in your country?

Answer:- That has to do with high life as it’s the original in nowhere but in my country. It’s kind of super amazing, especially with its craft and unique style. It can be played on all levels by the band and the use of a donor. Most of the artists in this genre are super doing amazing not just in my country but in the whole continent as well, projecting the highlife music to the world.

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