Many Students Find It Difficult to Focus or Pay Attention at School Nowadays

Many students find it difficult to focus or pay attention at school nowadays. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to solve this problem?

In this fast-paced era, children become the noble character of society, and education plays a vital role in their life. So, it has been considered that nowadays, students do not focus on their academic performance. This essay intends to elaborate on the main reasons and suggests some solutions in subsequent paragraphs.

To embark with, there are multifarious reasons why pupils do not pay attention at school. Firstly, increasing entertainment gadgets such as video games, smartphones, and social media attract children. To justify, now they spend the majority of their time at home playing video games and using social networking applications. Therefore, when pupils go to school at that time, they think about these things, and their concentration is affected. For example, a survey was conducted by America that 70% of students cannot pass their examination by their addiction to smartphones and social media. The teaching method is a second reason; children can feel bore with the old way of teaching, which leads to loss of interest in study these two reasons, students do not focus at school.

When it comes to solutions, parents should make time table as well as keep their eyes on their offspring when they are using mobile phones and playing video games. It had better if they put limitations on the uses of phones and should encourage for study to them. Apart from that, if technological innovations can be used in the classroom, this problem may be tackled. To illustrate, showing animated images and visual effects will help to get children excited about their lessons. They show much more interest in lastly, with these measures this problem would be alleviated.

To conclude, it can be analysed from the above discussion that although there are numerous reasons for this issue, some solution has been suggested to curb these problems as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would have detrimental effects on society.

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