Many People Believe in The Idea of School Children Wearing a School Uniform

Many people believe in the idea of school children wearing a school uniform, but should teachers as well be required to conform to a dress code? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Students are required to wear a proper uniform while entering the school. These days, this trend of wearing the uniform can also be seen in teachers in some educational institutes. While some people assert that it is a good practice and tutors should also be in a particular dress code, others oppose this suggestion. In my view, it is a good idea to bring a sense of equality in pupils and educators as well, although, to bring more effectiveness in tutee’s learning.

A specific dress can develop knowledge regarding equality in educatee and educators. As students will not distinguish their teachers on the basis of their clothes, and teachers, on the other hand, will also not be able to show off and prove that they are superior to others by wearing better clothes than others. Many pupils, for instance, found, in a survey conducted by a university professor, to behave well with the instructors, who wear nice outfits, than to those who do not. As a result, the tutee could learn to discriminate. So, educators should be encouraged to be in the same dress.

Although, students will learn more effectively. As they will be no more distracted by the bright colour and shining suits of their educators. In the same survey I mentioned above, students said they first notice the outfit of a teacher when she enters the class, and they love to talk about it. So, this interferes with their study and divert their minds. That is why uniforms should be compulsory to wear in the teaching profession.

To epitomize, wearing colourful dresses at school by instructors is the biggest distraction to students. They are sent to institutes for gaining academic knowledge, not about fashion. So, in my opinion, schools should set a specific dress code for teachers also.

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