Large Companies Should Pay Higher Salaries to CEOs

Large companies should pay higher salaries to CEOs and executives compared to other workers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is currently a contentious argument over whether Multinational Organisations need to pay better remuneration to top order employees like CEOS and Executives than other low order workers. I totally agree with this opinion because they are the backbone of the growth of the Organisation.

The main reason why I believe CEOs and Executives are the most experienced persons with a high level of educational background. They know how to handle the circumstances within a company, whereas a fresher is not able to fulfil these requirements. For instance, A well-experienced person deals with the Organisation very effectively, but a fresher can’t solve those problems without any guidance or experience related to the issue .

Another reason why I support the notion that CEOs and Executives are the Entrepreneurs means who take the initiative. In other words, the top employee is the one who takes responsibility in order to implement new ideas in the system, and the other workers need to follow the rules and regulations given by CEOs and Executives. For example, In a company, decisions related to changing the plan will be in higher authorities’ hands, and other employees must follow their orders .

In conclusion , I completely agree that CEOs and Executives in MNCs must pay higher remuneration because of their Experience and Educational background and also for the ability to take the initiative for the growth of an organisation. Given this situation, it seems that CEOs and Executives in top companies are the reasons for the success of the Organisation.

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