Describe a time when you find something

Describe a time when you find something that someone lost.

Sample Answer:-

Well, many times, we forget our things on buses or taxis due to hurry. It depends on good luck that we get it back. Here I would like to talk about the time when I did find a library card of a college student. I describe it briefly.
About a year ago, I was traveling on a bus. Actually I was going to college. In bus, I sit on a seat but after some time, I felt something under my feet. It seemed like a paper or hard card.

describe a time when you find somethingWhen I took it, I saw that it is a library card of a college student.
Then, I read details on it and found that it was of a person named Lovepreet who was studying in my college. He was doing a Bachelor of Commerce. I did not know him. I thought that maybe he is traveling on the same bus.
So, I saw people around me on that bus but I couldn’t find that person. Then, I decided to submit it to the library of my college.
On that day, I reached my college within a few minutes. I went to the library to submit that library card. After reaching there, I informed to a librarian about this lost property. Suddenly, a student came there and started complaining about his library card.

He explained to the librarian that he had lost his library card. His library card was in my hand. I had shown him that card and he told me that this card is his property. I gave it to him.

He was very happy after receiving his library card. He said thanks to me.
After it, he became a friend of mine. Now, we meet with each other in college every day.
All in all, that was the time when I found someone’s lost property. I believe that it is a big responsibility to give back something to the owner if he or she lost it.

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