Describe a Piece of News That People Are Interested in

Describe a piece of news that people are interested in

  • What the news is
  • How do you know about this news
  • Who is involved in this news
  • And explain why it is interesting to people

Sample Answer of Describe, a Piece of News That People, Are Interested in

When I got this cue card, I couldn’t think of any particular news because I don’t take lots of notice of news, then suddenly one name comes to pop up into my mind. I could talk about when Gujarat cm was coming to our town, that time people are interested.
This cue card asked me how I know it? Well, one of my college mates is mad keen on political news, if anyone has to know political mews, they are straightforward to him. At that time, our CM was Narendra Modi, who is our PM currently. He is a household name in my country.

He is famous for his decision; he was selling tea at railway stations at a young age, although through his eager behaviour, he became CM. The citizen was pumped up to the event and dreaming of attending events and hearing his speech. Our CM born place is not far away from our town, and he was coming after donkey years. Another reason for his invitation is the opening of the new bridge. The local authority wants that bridgework will begin after cutting the ribbon by CM. I was over the moon because before that time, and I never saw him face to face; I have only seen him on television. When he came, people were insane and cheered his name, and that time, the first time has seen him real, and that moment was a dream come true for me.

Follow Up Describe a Piece of News That People Are Interested in

Question 1 Do you read the newspaper every day?

Answer – To be honest, every morning, I read tabloids with a cup of tea; it’s my daily routine. I also stimulate others to read the newspaper it has numerous advantages. Read newspaper yield wisdom about what’s going on around the world or us; it also aids to improve language.

Question 2 What are the other sources of news in society?

Answer – Well, in the community, a different way of news and citizen get news as own taste. Moreover, a popular one is a tabloid, by television news channel and in this internet time, digital news platform is also preferred by several. In rural areas, people and gossip are sources of news.

Question 3 Which kinds of news do you like to read in the newspaper?

Answer – I am not the kind of person who pays attention to each and article and every single line. I mostly read big, bold font written headlines. If I like them, I swim to depths: I like to read technological, sports and local news regarding articles.

Question 4 Do people read newspapers where you live?

Answer – Well, yes, in my society, the majority of people read pieces of paper; in this corona pandemic, people shifted to read online news. On the internet, a host of sites yield it without any cost.

Question 5 Do people prefer local or international news?

Answer – I believe that it totally depends on personal preference. Some people are interested in domestic news while some put more weight on international. Owing to occupation some people prefer to read international news such as stocks market, export business etc.

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